Quantico Marine Corp Base ICS & Larson’s Gym


NAVFAC Quantico Marine Corp Base Substation Repairs at the ICS & Larson Gym in Quantico, Virginia

Meltech completed this project for electrical repairs to the substation at the ICS and Larsons Gym at the Quantico Marine Corp Base in Quantico, Virginia. Larson’s Gym started life as an aircraft hangar in the 1930s as the current Quantico Airfield was under construction, years later, half of the hangar was converted into the base gym and the museum’s restoration shop took over the other half.

The work consisted on the testing of the battery chargers and replacement for defective; testing of forty-four (44) relays and twelve (12) vacuum breakers; new relay setting provided by the Public Works Branch installed in relays; and replacement of eight (8) existing batteries to include interconnects and battery racks. All technicians onsite were Level III NETA Certified.