Educational facilities have a large, integral role in shaping the success of the country. Educational facilities are institutions that provide a physical space that supports opportunities to foster growth, development and advancement in our communities. Meltech recognizes the important role that educational facilities perform by influencing education, academic achievement and general health and well-being in our youth. In order for educational facilities to provide effective and efficient operation they must be adequate spaces for learning. Educational facilities consists of not only classrooms but also libraries, health services centers, common areas, courtyards, physical educations spaces, fine arts facilities, lobbies, restrooms, multipurpose rooms, specialized laboratories, cafeterias and media centers. By familiarizing ourselves with the educational trends Meltech is able to recognize that educational facilities are becoming increasingly specialized and that classrooms intended for pre-schoolers will house distinctive requirements from high schools or mid-career professionals. In order to provide quality educations in stimulating environments these facilities renovations don’t end with maintenance and repair work, they include modernizations to classrooms, design spaces to meet the specific needs of students, teachers, and administrative staff with disabilities and upgrades to mechanical/electrical/fire protection systems so that the buildings may perform suitably with consideration to adaptability, cost, aesthetics, function and even times historic preservation.