Quantico Marine Corp Base Camp Upshur


NAVFAC Quantico Marine Corp Base Camp Upshur Water Tank Installation in Quantico, Virginia

Meltech completed this project for this NAVFAC for the installation of a Hydro-Pneumatic Tank to support the Camp Upshur water tank inspections Bldg. 2678 at Camp Upshur in Nokesville, Virginia.

Meltech completed the installation of a temporary bypass water system at Camp Upshur to allow the 100,000 gallon elevated water tank to be taken off line for inspection. Meltech set up a temporary water supply system that consisted of a 5,000 gallon hydro-pneumatic tank connected to the fire hydrant located off of Lopez Street and set the tank on the concrete area at that location. Meltech included all of the necessary piping and pressure/water relief safety valves for the temporary system. Meltech was responsible for renting/supplying the temporary fencing around the hydro-pneumatic tank during the project and the temporary water tank sanitation and perform of bacteriological sample analysis. The well pump controls at the well heads #1 & #2 were converted from water level control to a pressurized system control. The elevated water tank level data transmitted by RF telemetry signal back to the Mainside water plant was converted to a pressure reading during the project. This enabled the Mainside water plant personnel the ability to monitor the Camp Upshur water distribution system pressures during this project. Meltech charged the hydro-pneumatic tank with air at the startup of the project which was to last several weeks before becoming waterlogged. Meltech was responsible for the monitoring of the hydro-pneumatic tables air pressure and recharged when needed to ensure that the tank was functioning as designed. Meltech re-set the well head pump control back to their original settings and removed the temporary hydro-pneumatic 5,000 gallon tank, piping and fencing. This work was completed once the elevated water tank inspection was finished and the 100,000 gallon water tank was back in service and on line. Meltech supplied the hydro-pneumatic tank for 30 days after the installation and startup.

All work was completed in coordination with the customer and utilities departments. All work was completed while the water system was on line unless outages were coordinated in advance with the customer and or utilities departments.