Fort Detrick Building 1021


Leidos Biomedical Research Inc. Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) New Utilities to Serve New Animal Watering System at Building 1021 at Fort Detrick, MD

Meltech completed this project for the Leidos Biomedical Research Inc. Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) new utilities to serve the new animal water system at Building 1021 at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. 

The project included the: 

  • Installation of new NCW supply piping including backflow preventers, pressure reducing valve, water hammer arrestor, etc. 
  • Installation of power including outlets, disconnects, junction boxes, etc.
  • Installation of floor sink and drain pipe
  • Relocations of emergency shower and installation of mixing valve
  • Excavation for new AWS and AWR piping across roadway. Installation of AWS and AWR piping into Building 1021. 
  • Patching and repair of roadway and curbing. 
  • Excavation at existing AWR piping capped to remove existing animal watering system from loop
  • Installation of new animal watering system in Building 1021
  • Connection of animal watering system to Meltech installed NCW, Power AWS and AWR piping 
  • Installation of animal watering bagging system piping 
  • Start-up and sanitization of system
  • Brief animal watering system shut-down scheduled to perform tie in of the new animal watering system into the existing loop piping. During the shut-down the existing animal watering system was taken out of service and the existing piping capped. 
  • Backfill of excavated areas and restoration to original conditions
  • Railing system installation around new animal watering system
  • Installation of quartz topcoat with cove base 
  • Moisture remediation of concrete floor patching 
  • Window tinting to mitigate potential impact of sunlight in the translucent tank room