USDA Hickey Run

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US Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District on behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture for the United States National Arboretum Hickey Run Stormwater Interceptor in Washington, DC

Meltech was issued this important high-profile project under one of its regional single award task order contracts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District. This project involved four different agencies to provide the Agricultural Research Service of USDA with design & construction of a storm water control device and pollution abatement system on the Hickey Run to improve water runoff and the water quality in the Hickey Run and Anacostia River. Emphasis was on an environmentally sensitive management of storm water and related natural discharges.

Meltech was recognized for its Outstanding Performance during the ribbon cutting ceremony attended by multiple agencies, and local, and State officials.

The Hickey Run project included preparation of complete design, analysis and design calculations, permitting, diversion channels, a system to remove floatable debris, oil and grease, and temporary sidewalk to access the storm water. The work included hazardous soils abatement and remediation activities.

The construction included excavation and construction of a temporary stream around the area being worked on; cutting temporary hole in box culvert to allow flow into temporary stream; blocking the existing outflow from the box culvert; excavation and temporary shoring as necessary in the existing stream to for emplacement of the 42’ x 10’ x 10’ custom designed storm water control device/pollution abatement system; dewatering of the existing stream area; emplacement of the system; re-establishment of the existing stream; removal and restoration of the area used for the temporary diversion stream; monitoring and adjustments to the floatable-solids-removal portion of the storm water control device/pollution abatement system; restoration of the larger work area. 

Meltech was able to adjust quickly and work with various government agencies to remediate the streambed and surrounding area with minimal, to no, impact to the environment downstream from the remediation and abatement activities. Environmental work included management of contaminated soils and hazardous storm water runoff.