U.S. Naval Academy Flood Protection Gates

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US Army Flood Protection System Door Dams at Nimitz Library, Rickover, Michelson and Chauvenut Halls at the U.S. Naval Academy Complex in Annapolis, Maryland

This project was U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland. Flood damage reduction analysis for the USNA was prepared by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers following damage from Hurricane Isabel. The Naval Academy based its flood protection measures on the FEMA 500-year flood, which has an elevation of 9.98 feet. Meltech completed this project for the installation of flood protection system door dams at the Nimitz Library, Rickover, Michelson and Chauvenut Halls. The work included the installation of off-the-shelf, deployable flood protection for each of the locations. Guffey Engineering provided the A/E services for the project which included the structural engineering, site utility marking and site engineering. The site work included the 3 connex containers to be set in place. We completed a total of 3 container pad installation which included the excavation of the area, form, sub base compacting, concrete, strip form, back-filling, toilsoil, seed and straw. The work included painting of the 63 new permanent brackets. Presray completed the installation of the flood protection fastlog systems, windows, dam doors, and flood gates. The 20 mullions windows required sawcut concrete pavers 3’ square, hand excavation to 4’, reinforcement, installation of expansion joints, setting of flood protection systems and the final pouring and finishing concrete repair. The concrete replacement work was over 294 LF included sawcutting concrete/pavers, hand excavation, new sub base & tamping, installation of expansion joints and the pour and finishing concrete repair.