Meltech Corp.

Project Scheduling

At Meltech, every schedule starts out first as a work plan. We have found that until the project team has laid out the plan of how the project will be constructed start to finish, taking into consideration input from our designers and subcontractors, lay down areas, crane locations, site offices, parking, and other critical elements, one cannot develop a realistic and meaningful schedule. Once the work plan has been completed and vetted, our scheduling team working with the field construction team develops a comprehensive schedule that serves as the baseline for the work. We provide a system of schedule development and continual monitoring that enables flexibility and encourages communication. Meltech’s schedule, because of the detailed effort that goes into its preparation are highly accurate in projecting construction durations and extremely detailed in the amount of information we provide to the project team and the client. Our historical data is combined with knowledge of the local contracting environment and our experience as creative builders and on-site commercial contractors.