Meltech Corp.


MELTECH has extensive and refined methodologies it has developed, through the experience of itself as represented by its senior personnel working abroad, and the team of companies with which many significant contracts have been completed throughout the World. The MELTECH track record of superior performance for general construction and support work, both domestic and abroad, are the result of many contributing factors. Among these are: multiple construction divisions of extensive self-performing capability; detailed and well-proven Construction Management (CM) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) methodologies; mature and well-defined construction support programs (H&S, QA/QC, Logistics, etc.); a cohesive management structure generating an exemplary past performance with Federal programs; responsiveness developed as a successful disaster & emergency response contractor; and a large in-house self-performing pool of skilled, experienced construction managers, accomplished professionals and a depth of extremely capable craft labor.

Every company, large or small, that holds itself to a standard of performance which allows it to grow and prosper in a competitive industry must espouse a unique character trait in order to succeed. Even the term "success" must have a specific measure or connotation in order to be met or exceeded. Some companies define success as "growth" or an enhancement of size and capability, some as "profit" or the financial benefit accrued to the owners and yet others as "awards" or the recognition of notoriety within their specialties. From its inception and throughout our multiple decade history, MELTECH has defined success as a combination of satisfying our design, engineering, construction, security, renewable energy, green, and sustainability requirements through adherence to a single, overshadowing principle: Excellence. From the MELTECH program of  "Construction Excellence"  have come the benefits and success that other companies seek, as independent elements, but that MELTECH views as necessary by products of Excellence, which are "customer service", "growth", "profit" and "awards" and.

As our industry changes, and embraces new technology, Joanne has led the company with a steady approach and commitment to our core values, while allowing for innovation, creativity and knowledge based leadership to guide us. Meltech is at the forefront of emerging construction technologies, and leads the way in lean construction methodology, and a passion for finding the most cost effective solutions to create, enhance and sustain the world`s constructed and natural environments.